SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024)-1

SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024)

Are you a Class 10 SEE Students in Nepal and looking for the latest SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024)? Well, we are really glad to present you the latest SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024) which was recently officially published by the National Examination Board (NEB). The National Examination Board (NEB) in Nepal has announced the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Exam Schedule – SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024). The exam will be for regular students, partial students, and students seeking grade increments and technical education. You can view and download in PDF Format – SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024). PDF File Size – 402 KB.

The National Examination Board (NEB) in Nepal has announced the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) Exam Schedule for the year 2080 (2024) (SEE Class 10 Exam 2080). The exam will be held from 15th of Chaitra, 2080 (March 28, 2024) to 27th of Chaitra, 2080 (April 9, 2024), with a daily exam time of 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM .

Admit cards will be mandatory for entry into the exam hall, and the examination centers will be announced by the Education Development Directorate and Education Development and Coordination Units . Disabled examinees will have the necessary arrangements made for them to take the exam.

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The head of the center is responsible for coordinating with concerned schools. If there is any confusion or clarity of information, candidates can contact the National Examination Board or the Examination Control Office Class 10.

The number of examinees is expected to be around 514,000, with 2,007 exam centers, and 11,616 schools participating.

SEE Class 10 Exam Time Table 2080 (2024)

The SEE Class 10 exam is scheduled to take place from 15th Chaitra, 2080 (March 28, 2024) to 23th Chaitra, 2080 (April 9, 2024). The National Examination Board (NEB) in Bhaktapur and Kathmandu held a meeting to finalize the examination schedule, ensuring that all necessary health measures will be implemented during the exam. The official SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024) timetable for 2080 (2024) can be found here for further information.

BoardNational Examination Board (NEB)
SEE Exam TypeRegular Students, Partial Students, Grade Increment, and Technical Prabidhik
SEE Exam Start Date15 Chaitra, 2080 (March 28, 2024)
SEE Exam Last Date27 Chaitra, 2080 (April 9, 2024)
SEE Exam Duration8:00 AM to 11:00 AM
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SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024)

The exams are set to begin on March 28th, 2024, and will continue until April 5th,2024. The schedule includes details on the subjects that will be covered in the exams, as well as the duration of each exam. The schedule is as follows:

This table shows the exam schedule for SEE (Secondary Education Exam) for Class 10 students in 2080 . The schedule includes the date, day, and subject for each exam.

SEE Class 10 – Regular Subjects Routine

Nepali DateEnglish DateSubjects
15 Chaitra, 2080March 28, 2024Compulsory English
16 Chaitra, 2080March 29, 2024Compulsory Nepali
18 Chaitra, 2080March 31, 2024Compulsory Mathematics
20 Chaitra, 2080April 2, 2024Compulsory Science & Technology
21 Chaitra, 2080April 3, 2024Compulsory Social Studies
22 Chaitra, 2080April 4, 2024Optional First All Subjects
23 Chaitra, 2080April 5, 2024Optional Second All Subjects

SEE Class 10 – All Subjects Routine

15 Chaitra 2080, ThursdayCompulsory English (Regular & Increment)
Ved Vidhyashram : Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature / Compulsory English
Grade Increment : Compulsory English / Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature (Ved Vidhyashram)
Grade Increment : Compulsory English / Compulsory Sanskrit Language and Literature (Ved Vidhyashram)
16 Chaitra 2080, FridayCompulsory Nepali
Elective English (for Non-Nepali Students)
18 Chaitra 2080, SundayCompulsory Mathematics (Regular & Increment)
20 Chaitra 2080, TuesdayCompulsory Science & Technology
Ved Vidhyashram : Shukla Yajurveda / Samaveda / Rig Ved / Atharvaveda / Ethics / Compulsory Science and Technology
Madrasah : Sirat and Islamic / Compulsory Science and Technology
Grade Increment:  Compulsory Science, Compulsory Sanskrit Grammer & Translation (Ved Vidhyashram)
21 Chaitra 2080, WednesdayGrade Increment : Farm Management and Marketing / Engineering Drawing / Computer Repair and Maintenance (Technical)
Technical : Compulsory Social Studies / Optional Mathematics
Ved Vidhyashram : Sanskrit Language and Grammar
Grade Increment : Farm Management and Marketing, Engineering Drawing, Computer Repair and Maintenance ( Technical )
Regular & Ved Vidhyashram : Optional First Paper All Subjects (Regular & Grade Increment)
Technical : Animal Health, Industrial Agriculture and Fish Culture, Data Science and OOP Concept using C++, Building Construction and Drawing, Electrical Machine, Classical Music
Grade Increment : Ved or Ethics (for Ved Vidhyashram) / Optional Mathematics (for Technical)
23 Chaitra 2080, FridayRegular & Ved Vidhyashram : Optional Second Paper All Subjects (Regular and Grade Increase)
Technical : Dairy Product Technology, Food Crop Production, Computer Hardware, Electronics Repair and Maintenance, Highway Engineering, Basic Electronics, Nepali Folk Music
Grade Increment : Agriculture and Fisheries, Electrical Management and Instrument, Computer Network, Engineering Surveying ( Technical ),
Second Optional Paper All Subjects ( Ved Vidhyashram )
24 Chaitra 2080, SaturdayTechnical (Regular) : Veterinary Laboratory Technology, Horticulture Crop Production, Data Based Management System, Engineering Surveying, Industrial Installation and Maintenance, Western Music
Grade Increment : Vegetable and Medicinal Plant Production, Dairy and Dairy Products, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Database Management System, Building Construction
25 Chaitra 2080, SundayTechnical (Regular) : Agriculture and Fisheries, Floriculture and Nursery Production, Digital Design and Microprocessor, Estimating, Costing and Supervision, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Optional Subject (Singing / Musical Instrument / Dance)
Grade Increment : Crop Production, Small Ruminant Production and Management, Electronic device and Circuit, Water Resources Engineering
26 Chaitra 2080, MondayGrade Increment : Floriculture and Nursery Management / Veterinary Laboratory Techniques / Industrial Installation and Maintainance / Object-Oriented Programming / Estimating Costing and Supervision
27 Chaitra 2080, TuesdayGrade Increment : Floriculture and Nursery Management, Veterinary Laboratory Techniques, Industrial Installation and Maintenance, Object-Oriented Programming, Estimating Costing and Supervision

SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024) – Images

Download – SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024) (SEE Exam 2080) in PDF format file. File Size – 402 kb.

SEE Exam Time Table 2080 Important Instructions:

As you prepare for the SEE exam 2080, please keep in mind the following important instructions from the National Examination Board:

  1. In case of emergency leave, the examination cannot be postponed without the prior notification of the Examination Control Office of the National Examination Board.
  2. Examinations for both regular and grade increments will be conducted from the questions based on the new syllabus at the same time as per the schedule.
  3. Regular examinees of the respective schools also include the candidates appearing in the grade increment examination.
  4. You have to keep it in the examination center. Admit cards will be mandatory to enter the examination hall.
  5. The information on examination centers will be provided by the Education Development and Coordination Units of the concerned Ministry of Social Development.
  6. No other arrangement will be made for the candidates who do not appear in the examination as per the prescribed center and schedule.
  7. The exam will have to be taken from the symbol number mentioned on the admission card. The symbol number mentioned in the entry form will not change. If the test is given in code number, the test will be canceled automatically.
  8. Necessary arrangements should be made by the Central Chairperson in coordination with the concerned school for the facilitation of students with disabilities giving SSE.
  9. The examination centers of the candidates of both regular and grade promotion groups will not be changed.
  10. If nothing is clear about the examination, the National Examination Board Examination Control Office Class 10, Sanothimi’s phone no. 663039 6630070 6631146.

NEB Board SEE Exam 2080 Preparation Tips

Follow these tips to get an A+ in SEE Exam 2080 :

  • Start preparing well in advance of the exam. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying.
  • Understand the exam format and structure. This will help you to know what to expect and how to approach the exam.
  • Make a study schedule and stick to it. This will help you to stay on track and make sure that you are covering all the necessary material.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Take as many practice tests as you can to get a feel for the types of questions that will be on the exam.
  • Use a variety of study materials, such as textbooks, study guides, and online resources.
  • Focus on your weak areas. Identify the subjects or topics that you are struggling with and make sure to give them extra attention.
  • Take breaks and get plenty of rest. Don’t burn yourself out by studying for long hours without taking breaks.
  • Stay organized. Make sure that you have all the necessary materials and study aids that you will need to prepare for the exam.
  • Join a study group or get a study partner. This can be a great way to stay motivated and get extra help when you need it.
  • Stay positive and believe in yourself. With hard work and determination, you can do well on the exam.

SEE Class 10 Examinee 2080(2024) Status of All Provinces/Pradesh:


As you can see above, 80,159 students from Koshi province/pradesh have filled out the registration form and among them 40,484 are female and 39,675 are male. Similarly, 82,213 students from Madhesh province/pradesh have completed the registration process for the exam and among them 40,797 are Female and 41,416 are male.

In Bagmati Province/pradesh, 50,420 female and 53,036 male students have filled out the registration form. Likewise, 42,489 students from Gandaki province/pradesh have registered themselves for the SEE exam, and among them 20,853 are female, and 21,636 are male.

In Lumbini province/pradesh, 91,072 students have filled out the registration form of which 45,851 are female and 42,221 are male. Similarly, 32,518 students have registered for the SEE Exam in Karnali province/pradesh, and among them 16,318 are female and 28,809 are male. Finally, in Sudurpashchim province/pradesh, 57,525 students have filled out the registration form and among them 28,716 are female and 28,809 are male.

In total, 489,444 students have registered themselves for the SEE Class 10 Exam in 2080. Among them 243,440 are female and 246,004 are male.


In conclusion, the SEE Class 10 Exam Routine 2080 (2024) for Grade/Class 10 students has been set and announced by the National Examination Board (NEB). The exams will take place from 15th of Chaitra 2080 to 27th of Chaitra 2080, and students are advised to be well-prepared for the exams.

As the exam date approaches, it is crucial for students to stay motivated and focused on their studies. It may be a challenging time, but with hard work and determination, students can achieve their goals. Remember to take regular breaks and practice self-care to avoid burnout.

Utilize all the resources available to you, such as textbooks, study guides, and online materials, to help you prepare for the exams.

Additionally, it is important for students to be familiar with the exam centers and schedule, and to bring the necessary documents such as admit cards to the exam.

With the right mindset and approach, students can do well in the SEE Exam 2080 and pave the way for a bright future. So, stay focused, stay motivated, and give your best in the upcoming SEE Exam.

Good luck! for your SEE Class 10 Exam of 2080 (2024).

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